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My name is DJ Powers and I started Powers Family Farm on YouTube April 1st 2017. Check it out HERE.

DJ holds whether goat Wayland

I was having a recurring daydream of a simpler life. Green pastures, cows, goats, and chickens. Planting crops and watching my hard work grow into something beautiful.

After months and months of daydreaming and googling. I finally decided it was time to start walking and stop talking.

I had many grand ideas that just did not fit my budget. Farming is expensive. However, you need to start somewhere.

Cows, that is what I wanted and that is what I couldn’t afford. Land is expensive and cows are expensive. Undeterred I thought smaller. The answer was goats.

Goats are much more affordable. They can be had for a few hundred bucks or less depending on the breed and how good the lineage is. With my eyes set on buying a small herd land was my next hurdle.

At the time of this writing I live in the Grand Rapids metro area. Grand Rapids is a booming city that is getting larger by the day. Land is not plentiful or cheap. A quick craigslist ad asking for some farm land to rent gave me my answer.

Now, I have a small patch of dirt and a few goats and I am off and running.

3 Goats on the Powers Farm

Each passing day solidifies that I made the right decision and this is definitely what I want in life.

So far this has been just a small taste to what I know will be a great life.

I hope you all stick around and see just how far I can take this dream.

Thanks for stopping by and come back anytime.

All the Best,



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